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What you need to know before contacting Simcoe & District Real Estate Board (SDREB).

Simcoe & District Real Estate Board is located in Norfolk County. SDREB’s jurisdiction does not include Simcoe County but does include the areas shown below:

Submitting your listing to interboard with SDREB, will be seen by thousands of REALTORS® from 18+ different Boards/Associations who are Members of ITSO and, more importantly, their clients.
SDREB Office Hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (closed Noon till 1:00 p.m. daily for lunch).

  • Send all pertinent information regarding the property by email to
  • A fee of $90.40 (tax incl.) applies to each property type (Residential, Agricultural, Land, Commercial, Business Only) that is requested to be uploaded to the MLS® System.
  • All interboard requests will be processed within 24-hour business days, as long as all mandatory fields are completed, and payment is received.
  • If listing paperwork is submitted on a Friday after 1:00 p.m. there are no guarantees that the listing will be processed by the weekend.


To interboard a listing with SDREB, the following items are required:

  1. A complete and clear copy of an MLS® Property Information Form, which are available on WEBForms® – click here.’
    • You will be prompted to sign in as a Member of CREA.
    • Under the ‘Forms’, search for either ‘ITSO’ or ‘Simcoe & District Real Estate Board’.
    • Choose the form relevant to the property category. Download the form to make it a fillable form.
    • Fill in ALL Mandatory fields that are highlighted in black for the specific property type.
  2. A clear computer printout/pdf of the listing as it appears on the Home Board/Association MLS® System.


Photo Requirements:

  • Send all Photos as an attachment in a .jpeg format to
    • A minimum of one (1) front photo of the property is required for a listing to be uploaded and made active, to a maximum of fifty (50) photos.
    • If you wish the photos to be in a certain order, please label each photo.
      ▪ Ex: 1-Main, 2-Front Entry, 3-Livingroom etc.
    • For maximum quality, photos should be 1024 x 768 pixels in size.


Payment Options:

The fee to interboard is $90.40 (tax incl.) for each property type (Residential, Agricultural, Commercial, Land, Business Only). Payments can be made either by E-Transfer or by Cheque. Please note: E-Transferred payments will result in your listing being made ‘Active’ in the system sooner, as payment is required before listing is made ‘Active’.

  1. Payment by Cheque.
    • Please make payable to ‘Simcoe & District Real Estate Board or ‘SDREB’.
    • The listing will not be made ‘Active’ until the cheque has been received.
    • NSF Cheques – a $50.00 NSF fee will be charged for returned cheques and the listing will be suspended until payment is received.
  2. E-Transfer Payment
    • Email E-Transfer to
    • The security question will be standard ‘What is the payment for.’
    • The answer will be standard ‘interboard’.


How to amend or make changes to a listing:

  • Notifications of an amendment or change must be submitted to SDREB within 24 hours of the change/amendment.
  • All amendments and changes must be made on the Home Board/Association MLS® System first.
  • Submit a copy of the:
    • The way the listing appears on the Home Board/Association MLS® System for all amendments/changes.
    • Amendment to Listing Agreement / Cancellations / Suspensions signed by Seller.
    • Expiry Extensions – Must be received 24 hours prior to the listing expiry date and signed by the Seller.
    • All Listing Agreements for any amendments/changes to the listing must be submitted within 24 hours of when the form was signed by the Seller.


How to report Status changes (Conditional / Firm / Back on Market):

  • SDREB Reporting Form must be submitted to SDREB within 24 hours of the listing status change (Conditional, Firm, Back on Market, Sale Price Change).
  • Submit a copy of the Home Board/Association MLS® Listing which shows the change in the Listing Status.


Please be advised that:

  • Interboard listings are not uploaded to from the SDREB MLS® System. listings are only uploaded from the Home Board/Association MLS® System.
  • Interboard listings will not appear on the SDREB’s website.
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